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MOAB and Daisy Cutter Bombs - Sammi Paxton

I. Introduction

During the war with Afghanistan and Vietnam, 15,000 pound Blu-82, or Daisy Cutter Bomb, was believed to have been used to destroy enemy camps, though this was never confirmed by the Pentagon and to clear runways in jungle areas. This bomb, while effective was to soon be replaced by the new Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) that was designed by Albert Weimorts for the Iraq war, though it was never used.
Blu-82 (Daisy Cutter Bomb)


II. Discovery

Albert Weimorts was working for as a civilian engineer for the air force when he first designed the Daisy Cutter bomb. The Daisy Cutter bomb weighed 15,000 pounds and the explosion was believed to take the shape of a giant daisy. The Daisy Cutter bomb was partly created to simplify the jobs of the 100-First Air Borne division who, before then would push four people on bulldozers, jeeps, and other large equipment out of the back of a low flying aircraft.They would then clear the forest and created the landing strip in less than an hour.The MOAB was created to replace the daisy cutter during the start of the Iraq war, but it was never used. The MOAB weighs 21,000 pounds though some people feel that the explosion that it created was not as big as they had expected. When asked about it, pentagon officals refused to talk about it. Instead, all that was said about it was: "Its not small". The MOAB is satellite guided and was not dropped from a bomber plane like most people would expect. Instead, because of its large size, it was dropped from the back door of a four-engine cargo plane.
Most recently government officials have been debating about dropping the MOAB and/or the Daisy Cutter Bomb on the expected hiding place of Saddam Hussein. No public decision has been made on this.

III. Biography of Inventor

Born in DeFuniak, Florida, Albert Weimorts grow up in Mobile, Alabama. He went to college at Mississippi State University and gained a degree in mechanical engineering. He later began working for the Defense Department in 1962. While working for the defense department, Mr. Weimorts created two large bombs and several smaller ones. The two large ones being the MOAB and the Daisy Cutter. Among the smaller ones are variations of the grenade, and other small hand held explosives. After he retired in 2003, Mr.Weimorts was honored by the Air Force Research Laboratory for the two larger bombs he created and was nicknamed "the father of the mother of all bombs". Mr. Weimorts was married 45 and had three sons before he died in 2005 from brain cancer at the age of 67.

IV. Impact on the World/Humanity

The MOAB and Daisy Cutter were, like all bombs, made for destruction. However, the MOAB was also created to create the "shock and awe" factor during the Iraq war. The method is primarily used to shock enemies into a quick surrender by creating large and impressive explosions. And, although many people feel that the explosion was smaller then it was supposed to be, it fulfilled its task without malfunction. The the one major affect on the environment caused by the Daisy cutter bomb is the destruction of forest as the bomb was originally used to clear lading strips in dense forest during the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

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V. Journal Article
The 21,000 pound Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb was created by Albert Weimorts for the Iraq war but was only used once. The MOAB replaced the smaller 15,000 pound Blu-82 (Daisy Cutter) bomb that was used during the Iraq and Vietnam wars to destroy small enemy camps and clear lading strips for the Air Force in dense forest. This bomb was also created by Albert Weimorts. The satellite guided MOAB was used mostly to scare Iraq into a quick surrender. However, most people believe that the explosion was not as big as it was said to be.


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