Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Television by Nico Moschetto

I. Introduction

The television has a great variety of opportunities for the average family, like being informed by the latest news, instantly, or having a favorite entertaining program, or in some cases weight gain (or loss if you count excercise shows). it is also famous for its nickname 'The Idiot Box" by many mindless viewers who live their life by the T.V. This in many cases causes brain melting, overheating, or complete loss under extreme circumstances. In all seriousness, the T.V. has been around since the early 1900s and has gotten the world hooked on some of their favorite tv shows, sports, news, and all kinds of other things since its discovery. the theory had been played with years before, but nobody quite perfected so that it could be sold in stores until about 1948 when the old fashoned "bunny ears" T.V. antennae was invented by Louis Parker.

Bush television receiver, type TV22, c 1950.
figure 1

II. Discovery

No one person discovered the television itself. The idea of having moving pictures on a screen was first played with in 1884 when German scientist Paul Nipkow developed a rotating disk technology to transmit pictures over wire. It wasnt until 1953 when the first color T.V. was invented and approved by the FCC to be sold in stores. This color T.V. was first designed by a company by the name of RCA. RCA also released a cable television in the 1940s but it would have been commonly known then as the community antennae television or CATV. With the T.V. you would always expect it to come with a remote control right? wrong. until 1956, if you had a T.V. you had to change the channel in a way we now call "the old fashoned way" by using the dial on the T.V. Come to think of it, now a days, I can't even find the channel flipper on the new T.V.s anyway! Hope i never lose the remote. Children's programming emerged in the 40s but never started to pick up until the 50s when the greatly remembered shows like "Buffalo Bob" Simth's Howdy Doody time showed up and stole the old era children's T.V. spot. Currently, we now have very high technological televisions in our home and just recently, all networking was switched to digital broadcasting, which meant that all old fashoned antennae T.V.'s will no longer work. We now have High Definition television and special movie channels where you can rent the movie right on your T.V. screen through an easy selection process and a small fee. The T.V. has blown up in the face of not only the American people, but people across the world as well. Presently, there are very few Americans or Europeans without a television set in their home.
figure 2

III. Successes in the World of Television

There were many contributors to the invention of the television, but no one person has gotten credit for the invention. Although, many broadcasting networks have made quite a living of the invention of the television, for example, Robert Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company which owns ABC made $57 million dollars so far as CEO of the company. There are many other people involved in the world of T.V. as we've seen many fads in the era of popular television, like the japenese Animae series we have all seen since the 90s like Pokemon and other smaller T.V. shows of the same category. The point is, if your involved in the world of T.V. odds are your in good shape as long as the ideas are fresh and the people are satisfied.

IV. Impact on the World

The impact that T.V. has had on the world has been a ginormous one. since it got its start in the 50s it has blossomed into one of the household essentials of the modern family. Cable television companies have thrived off our need for a greater thrill, laugh, or cry, while watching this box of magic throw pictures on the screen for more than half a century. The T.V. is an idea that has been improved many times throughout history and I don't see the innovation stopping any time soon.

V. Journal Article Review

 "History of Television" was a great article to read. It explained a lot of the history in chronological order and made things clear to understand. The article was very informative for even a simple minded person like me. Overall i enjoyed this atricle the most because of its history of the television networks was enjoyable. This was an extremely helpful article in my project.

VI. Youtube video


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