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Cartoons by Nico Moschetto.


Cartoons and animation are something this world has been able to appreciate for quite some time now. who could forget the classics like looney toons, and for my generation spongebob, courage the cowardly dog, ed edd and eddy, and dexter's laboratory. of course now the ever-so-popular japanese anime has dominated that market. but there are also a lot of new cartoons that people have taken a likeing to like, ben 10 (although overdone after the first season in my opinion), adventure time, mad, and my personal favorite, Regular Show.

figure 1

II. Discovery

The first animated film was created by Charles-Émile Reynaud, who invented the praxinoscope, an animation system using loops of 12 pictures. He presented his work on October 28th 1892 in Paris. He used an old fashoned projector to do so. stop motion animation was mainly used for real objects and was merely a bit shorter that the praxinoscope method. the idea was to take a picture of an object, move it slightly, then take another picture, and eventually the object would look like it was moving itself. these were the two earliest methods of animation. then, the walt disney company came around and dominated the animation maarket with the well known classic, snow white and the seven dwarfs.

III. Present day

Today, there are many different ways companies make cartoons and animation. for the 3D animated movies that are ever so popular but ever so time consuming and expensive, they use the CGI method. in this method, everything is computer generated, there is no hand drawn art. there is also the Cel-Shaded animation, which is most common for modern day cartoons like Regular Show. in this method, they start with a 3D model of the object. then the object is processed through a reendering engine and made flat on screen with black outlines. then through computer generation, the character is moved around and perfected to be put on screen. the third method is the stop motion method, which i mentioned earlier, believe it or not it is still used in a few popular shows, for example, robot chicken, on adult swim, is very popular today and is still currently running in its 5th season.

figure 2
wallace and gromit. stop motion animation. also a great part of my early tv life.

IV. Impact on the World

Well, the world itself has a lot to be thankful for, more in some than others, but a lot none the less. teachers are thankful for teaching, parents are thankful for their jobs, well, those who are not part of this ungodly unemployment rate, but me? im a simple guy. I'm just thankful i can go home and enjoy a nice hilarious cartoon, like Family Guy, South Park, and Regular Show. The world also likes its fair share of cartoons. today there are 114.5 million tvs in households and about 290 million viewers. sure, some of these people dont watch cartoons, but come on, you cant tell me youve never seen a cartoon in your life, if youur american at least.

V. journal article

the Types of Animation article was very helpful in my research. it explained the types of animaiton with clarity and thouroughness without being lengthy and boring. it was my number 1 source for information.


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