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The Internet

The Internet

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How many people get home from school and immediately sit down at there computer and use the internet? You use it for Facebook, homework, video games, and email. Most people would be lost without the internet. I know I would. But does any one know how the internet was invented? Or how the internet has improved todays medical technology?


What is the internet. The internet is a global connection network that is interconnected buy fiber optic cabling to thousands of networks. The internet was brought into the world in 1965 and would change your world forever. The internet was originally designed to be used by the military during the Cold War but was soon used buy scientist to communicated to each other about there discoveries. The military need a way to communicate with universities with out being disrupted by bombs and or spies. The form of internet that was to solve this problem was called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Networks). The make the ARPANET scientist used the basic design of the telephone network and added Packet Switching to it. Packet Switching divides the data into small blocks. Each block or packet can take a different path then the others to get to the destination were the blocks are reassembled into the original message. In September 1969 the first Packet switched computer network was installed at UCLA. By December three more had been installed in the United States. The internet started to grow rapidly in popularity and by 1971, the same year email was invented, there were 15 computer networks set up at major universities all over the United States. In Hawaii scientist created the ALOHAnet that allowed the many small islands of Hawaii to communicate with each other. This network became the first multi-access networks that, using radio technology, allowed users to share a single broadcasting medium. In 1980 a company called BITNET (Because it's Time NETwork) became the first email provider. Soon the internet had gone from a nationwide infrastructure to an international phenomenon. In the early 1980's set up an organization with the goal of bringing the internet to all French citizens. In the 1990's the world saw the creation of the World Wide Web (WWW). Over the next few years the internet saw major changes (mostly in speed) and by the end of the 1990's almost the entire world was connected to the internet.

Influence on the World:

As technology continues to advance as does the internet. The internet can now be used many diffident ways such as on cell phones or video game consoles. Today we use the internet for almost very thing. We can, talk to other people, pay taxes, get a college degree, and host business meetings through a video chat. The creation of search engines allows users to find information quickly and easily. The internet has even helped to save lives. Because of the internet doctors can get test results and important information faster therefor saving peoples lives by starting treatments earlier.


The Internet does not have a solo inventor and is made the way it is today by every person that has ever used the internet.

Journal Article:

In the journal article How the Internet Infrastructure Works Jeff Tyson explains how the internet grew and all of the different pieces need for it to work. This article is a great help to anyone who would like to find out how the internet works.

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