Sunday, February 27, 2011

TIck Tock By Nico Moschetto

I. Discovery

The alarm clock has been a life saving tool for many years. the first and earliest notes of an alarm clock were founded in germany around the 15th century. the concept was quite simple back then, most alarm clocks had a cam (a rotating or sliding piece in a mechanical linkage used especially in transforming rotary motion) that rotates every 12 hours. they also have a notch that which a lever falls onto when the alarm is triggered releasing gears that drive a hammer onto a bell. classic right?

Hubbell marine movement with 1865 patent datefigure 1

II. Discovery

while i just recently explained how the olden day alarm clocks work, the first recorded inventor or maker of the alarm clock was Joseph Knibb in 1690. these facts mean nothing seeing that alarm clocks were starting to emerge around the 15th century. the english clockmakers started emigrating to the US around the 18th century bringing with them new ideas for the alarm clock. they started sprouting up around the 1800s like crazy and from then on there have been gigantic modifications ranging from digital to, well, now just digital. one of the last major old gear clocks standing is of course big ben in England.

III. digital time keeping

during today's technological enhancements, digital time keeping seems to be in everything from your ipod to your car. everything is on the same digital system. although if you have an old car i think you may still do it manually. these digital time keeping advances are vital to our daily life. imagine your life for one day without the advantage of having the time on your pocket nessecities of today. asking for the time sounds pretty old and annoying during these times. just a little something to think about.
figure 2

IV. Impact on the World

digital time keeping has been one of the quietest advantages of today's modern technonlogical world. its almost as if nobody thought twice about how important time keeping was, that is until daylight savings was founded. these improvements on the clock have been great for our modern society. i always love being able to pull out my phone and check the time. anyway im greatful for many of the advantages we have in life so yay time!

V. journal article

My most helpful article was the History of the Alarm Clock (go figure). this article was helpful to me because it was very clear on its facts and helped explain some of the history to me. it also provided me with some resources like pictures and diagrams to help me understand the make up of an alarm clock. there were also interesting little tidbits about major contirbutors of the alarm clock invention.

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