Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Invention of the Internet


The Internet is one of the most influential inventions off all time. It is also one of the most unique. There are no other inventions that can do the amount of things the Internet can do. Between giving us an unlimited amount of information to letting people thousands of miles away communicate in real time, and everything in-between; the Internet has a lot offer.


The Internet was originally a government invention. It was used in hopes to have a form of connection between government computers and in different parts of the country. Specifically the Pentagon and the SAC. One man did not invent the Internet. The government employed many men to invent it. Eventually, the ARPANET was made. This was made to be able to work from host-to-host. Although, the Internet could have been available for twenty years, it wasn’t released to 1991.

Influence on humanity

The Internet has influenced almost everyone. This is because it has something that is intriguing to everyone. There are countless websites offering almost anything the mind can think of. This is why teens average 31 hours a week online. This is a large contribution to the average of 52,357,293,525 hits per day. The top three sites contribute over 5 billion of those hits. Number one is the social networking site Facebook. The site has over half a billion users. Which is well over the number of people in the United States. Number two is the search engine Google. Then third is Youtube. A website used for sharing videos. Because of this site many people’s careers have started, such as Justine Beiber. Others use Youtube as their main source of income. The Internet also has significant power, much more then most recognize. For example, there is a group on the Internet called Anonymous. And they can and will do almost whatever they want. They are very opinionated and are incredibly skilled with computers. A perfect example of what they can do is when a video surfaced of a woman throwing puppies into a river. As I’m sure you can imagine, they were disgusted. Within 24 hours found her. They to proceeded to torment her and contacted local authorities. They have also done much more significant things. A few months ago, they put a worm virus in the Iran nuclear systems. A worm virus is a virus that will enter the computer, and duplicate itself, and then the duplicates will duplicate and so on. Making the virus very difficult to stop. Because of this it will take Iran two years to get back to where they were. The Internet has influenced humanity in incredible ways.

Review of Journal Article

In the journal article How the Internet Came to be, Vinton Cerf talks about the birth of ARPANET, the Internet, and how the Internet eventually took off. This article was incredibly helpful in finding information about the invention of the Internet.


How the Internet came to be

The Internet

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