Monday, February 14, 2011

Turning Water into the Fuel- Jenny Riebesell

For years people have been trying to find other resources for fuel, mainly because we have a limited supply of appropriate materials for fossil fuel, and the way we live now fuel is at an extreme;y high demand. In 2007 an inventor named John Kanzius was hoping to make a machine to cure cancer using radio waves, however while testing this he discovered something he wasn't looking for; he made saltwater catch fire.

While working to find a cure for cancer, inventor, John Kanzius discovered something that has and will shock many, water on fire. Although the saltwater isn't exactly burning, the radio frequencies act to weaken the bonds between the elements that make up salt water, releasing the hydrogen. Once ignited, the hydrogen will burn as long as it is exposed to the frequencies.When first discovered in winter 2007 people debated if water could really burn, and if so what use would come out of it.They also questioned if radio generator machine, which was intentionally used to create radio waves to cure cancer cells, could create more energy then it used up. Since John Kanzius was not looking for an energy resourse he was unsure the answers. However, what both John Kanzius and everyone else that questioned this did know was that this could be the spark of eventually a new cheaper way to create fuel.
Biography on Investigator:
John Kanzius was an engineer, and always working to find new discoveries. He was inspired to create this radio generator machine to cure cancer after being diagnosed with luekemia himself. When he came across the discovery of saltwater burning, despite all the media that wanted to be involved, he continued to work for the goal he had in mind, a cure for cancer, and ignore, what was in his mind, a minor discovery. However the more he looked into this he thought that if he could go off this small idea to eventually create a new resource for fuel, he figured he would be helping people either way. Unfortunately John Kanzius died February 18, 2009, at age 64 to pneumonia. Although he passed away his "small discovery" could hopefully be the start to save what many people have worried about for year, running out of fuel.

Impact on the World:
Although we have not put this discovery in action yet, the idea of turning in water into fuel, could save the earth. Now a days everyone is looking for ways to be fuel efficient, and find new resources for fuel, such as vegetable oil. If this could form into more then just an idea it could be the biggest and most help discovery since the invention of fuel itself. The effects are further shown in this video.

Journal Article:
In this article it further explains the benefits of using water for energy, and how it could work. Hydrogen is what is needed to make efficient fuel, the machine that John Kanzius created breaks down the bonds that are in salt water, releasing hydrogen. If in the future they are able to further this discovery and find away to do this enable to power a car, or heat a home it could be the biggest contribution to the world of fuel that may ever happened.


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